I would like to personally commend and celebrate those of you who have endured a full year of extreme home renovations. I have just been through it, and would especially like to thank my husband, Andy, who put up with many of my “renovation/decorating meltdowns” over the past 12 months. But, I think it was worth it, because here’s the result! As you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to tear down the red “funeral parlor” drapes. The 1990-ish off-white carpet was replaced with French oak hardwoods and Persian area rug. The place was painted a warm Spanish white. And Andy found a guy who installed LED lighting in the cabinet. The only thing missing from this photo is Andy and I sipping chardonnay, listening to “yacht rock” and our two Malamute fur babies, Nightshade and Phaelan, at our feet.

I hope you’re inspired and will check back for the reveal of many more ‘before and afters’!