Feeling a little broke … like you have nothing to wear … and are spending too much time doing the “closet stare”? Here’s a way to have some fun and feel like you’ve been on a shopping spree! I call it “shopping my closet”; here’s how it works:

  1. Google your favorite celebrities or celebrity crushes. (Mine are: Ryan Seacrest, Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds and Rob Lowe).
  2. Look through the images at how they (or their Hollywood stylists) are putting them together.
  3. I guarantee, you’ll see outfits with items that are similar to what you already have in your OWN closet—but they are put together in a fresh and different way. For example, little booties that you had never thought of wearing with that A-line skirt … a little sweater over a sundress that looks great … or just an “outside-of-the-box” combination of clothes, footwear and handbag.